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Judy Gilbert Statement - 2011

I’m interested in invisible things,

Artifacts of the mind and the process of life itself.

I’m interested in connections, comparisons, and synchronicities

And in patterns and waveforms as they appear and reappear

In the infinitely large and the infinitesimal;

The study of cosmology and quantum physics.

I’m interested in consciousness and the history of thought.

I’m on my own personal search for a “theory of everything”,

Fully aware that the more you learn,

The more you realize how much you don’t know.

I have become more comfortable with uncertainty

And “not knowing”, yet even more determined to

Continue this exploration of ideas.

Many concepts are undefined in a tangle of observations

Until someone sees the connections therein

And begins to verbalize. Before that verbalization

Ideas may exist as images in the mind, symbolic thinking and as dreams,

I try to be open to that process.

I sometimes see hypnogogic imagery at the edge of sleep

and am happiest when I begin to dream of images for a series.

That’s when I know my mind is “making the connections” for me.


Judy GilbertStatement - 2010

“Mergers - Similarities - Metaphors - Patterns - Entanglement”

These words came to me as an answer to my questions about the nature of my art. Looking back I can see that these words have always been there; underlying my artwork, despite the contrast of styles and materials I have used over time. My brain is always observing connections between disparate events that seem unrelated. My mind draws parallels or makes connections between words and symbols or between images and ideas, bringing them together with significance. This is the stuff of my art.

Some of the subject matter that has churned through my process includes psychology, dreams, feminism, archetypes, patterns in nature, and quantum physics.  I have worked with these ideas in both abstract and representational forms and in various media. For the last three years I have been working with encaustic exclusively. My interests lie at the intersection of science and art. The latest imagery is based on wave patterns of all kinds: gravity waves, electromagnetic waves, brain waves, chemical waves, etc.

Thank you for reviewing them. I hope you enjoy seeing my art.





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